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The cleaning and maintenance of kitchen cabinet

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The door of the cleaning and maintenance: Cabinet doors and countertops, as the impact of different materials will be different, but the method of cleaning and maintenance is much the same. For solid wood or wood veneer door skin, available at certain maintenance cleaning wax wipe the door will have to choose artificial synthetic leather with a damp cloth, then dry after leather cloth. You can choose to paint door clean, damp cloth to gently wipe with a dry cloth immediately after, if you want to use detergents also use professional cleaning products, avoid the use of artificial and synthetic resins cleaner.



   The cabinet cleaning and maintenance: Container handling loading capacity cabinets are generally not good loading capacity under the counter, so the lighter items should be placed in the wall cabinet, the weight of the glass products are placed below, kitchen cabinet bay area hardware items should be with a dry cloth, utensils after washing should be wiped clean and then into the cabinet.


    Stove sink can also advance with a filament internal filter cartridge to prevent residue clogging pipes, cleaned the sink every time, remember the end of the neck portion of the tube after the filter cartridge be cleaned, in order to avoid long-term accumulation of grease the more positive maintenance is better.