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Care and maintenance of stone countertops

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   More extensive usage of stone, nowadays more and more people use the stone in home improvement, including desktop applications, not only from the original kitchen countertops, sink, and now the windowsill, table tops, table tops and bar, everywhere stone embellishment applications. But the stone in durable but also need to protect the stone as our skin care is very important. Now there are some maintenance methods of stone countertops as following.

1. To keep daily cleaning

   Whether hard granite texture or soft texture of marble are intolerant of sand and soil particles in the air long-term wear and tear, and daily cleaning can use filters or electrostatic mop thoroughly good dusting and cleaning work, avoid using plenty of water; commercial space entrance is best to place the mats, shoes and brought the sand to avoid galling stone, reduce the difficulty of daily cleaning.


2. Immediate decontamination

   Marble is a natural product, all have natural stone pores, everyday sources such as tea, coffee, soy sauce, cooking oil, ink, fruit juice, if not promptly removed, easy to penetrate to the inner layer of stone, causing the depth of contamination. Available professional antifouling detergent promptly removed to prevent the stain into the stone can not clear the cause of the stain.


3. Choose the right detergent

  Stone afraid of acid and alkali is well known, for the sake of clean stone can not ignore fast detergent ingredients. General cleaning agents contain pH, if prolonged use of cleaning agents of unknown composition, will make the stone surface gloss lost, may even produce disease.


4. Protective treatment is important

  To maintain the most beautiful side of the stone, blocking the penetration of water and pollution sources must be regularly protective treatment. After the construction of the stone for protection must be able to keep the stone breathable and waterproof, stain resistance. Do not use unsolicited repellant to avoid not only reach the protective effect, but increased the stone maintenance difficult.


  Natural stone requires smooth breathing air should be avoided in the stone surface of the long-term coverage carpet or other debris, or moisture can not pass under the stone pores volatilized easily lead to excessive moisture, water content increased disease problems will occur. As must be carpeted piling debris, please give occasional stone fresh air.


  Of course, we rely on daily dusting, cleaning the stone can not let continue to maintain the luster does not fade, sure to please professional stone conservation officers have regular maintenance and shiny regeneration maintenance work. Such as: let liquid crystalline marble surface recrystallization, or use polishing powder for marble restore luster, or permeability gloss protective agent, so that the stone beautiful long-lasting as new.