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Four Characteristic of Travertine

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 Travertine is a type of limestone, limestone is dissolved after the water crystal formation. Travertine lighter and more porous than limestone.

 There four characteristic of travertine as following:

1. Travertine uniform lithology, texture and softness small, very easy to mining and processing, specific gravity (density) of light, easy to transport, is a very versatile building stone.

2. Travertine has good work-ability, sound and heat insulation, can be deep-processing applications, it is an excellent building decoration materials.

3. Travertine texture of fine, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy carving, wood carving and suitable for use as special-shaped timber.

4. Travertine rich color and unique Arts and more special porous structure, has a good decorative performance, and because the holes feature travertine natural beauty and texture, but also do bonsai, rockery and other garden stone of good material .

   Travertine is a trade name, as usual porous limestone and porous tuff, contains a number of holes in the stone. Hole diameter and density of stone types and origin related. Their common feature is the low intensity, loose texture, holes content easy to water, freeze-thaw resistance and weather resistance are poor. Some very low intensity travertine, slate processed even during transport, breaking, broken.