Tub surround

Product Parameters

Tem no.: H-SP001

Name: Granite Tub Surround

Materia: G682 Granite

Country of origin: China Granite

Application: tub surround, tub surrounds, granite tub surrounds, granite tub surround, marble tub surrounds, shower panel, granite shower panel, marble shower panel

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We can supply Shower panel,granite Tub Suround,Marble Tub Surround,Quartz Tub Surround
Tub Surround,Full Set always Contains: 
- 4 Pieces of wall panels in sizes 60"x30"xT,72"x30"xT,84"x30"xT,or other
- 2 Pieces of Corner Shelf/Soap Dish sizes 6"x6"x3/4",8"x8"x3/4",5"x8"x3/4" or other.
- 1 Piece of Baton in Size 60"x4", 72"x4",84"x4" or other.
- 2 Piece of Trim Molding in Size 2"-4"width for the length or other.
- 1 Piece Shower Shelf in size 17"x16"x deep or other
- 1 Piece of Tub /Surrounds Base/ Shower Pan
Popular Color: G682/Golden Yellow,G664/Bainbrook Brown,G687/Bainbrook Peach,G603/Lighr Grey,G636,Navajo White etc.


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