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How to choose the styles of the kitchen cabinet

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 There are many styles of the kitchen cabinet, and the more common cabinet styles include U-shaped, L-type, a font. So for the small size of the kitchen, choose what kind of cabinet will be more save space? Today we take a look at the U and L-shaped cabinet, which is more suitable for you.

  I think you've seen a lot of renovation knowledge, must be thinking to do open-plan kitchen. Open kitchen not what you want to install, can be installed would like to install. It must also meet the following conditions before you! Less than 110 meters below the small apartment, to be closed is still very good.

  In a small apartment in the kitchen to accommodate so many things, how to cook it? Now I come to tell you about the steps to cook. Efficient kitchen layout has two points: First, learn to use a U-shaped layout, the second is to focus on "a gold, two silver," the area. So the question is, why the U-shaped layout of Newstar kitchen cabinet the best choice? For chestnuts, two kitchenettes are U-shaped and L-shaped, two different areas of the kitchen design, even a difference of over 30% area.

  In a small kitchen layout, select the U-shaped or L-shaped cabinets are a matter of opinion, but we must pay attention to selecting kitchen cabinet styles to suit your family's apartment design, to avoid the use of post-causing trouble.