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How to clean and maintain the whole kitchen cabinet

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  The kitchen cabinet table of cleaning and maintenance. No matter what material the cabinet table for high temperature erosion are afraid, so in the course of a hot pan or kettle must avoid direct contact with the cabinet table, but also to avoid sharp objects on the table, in order to avoid scraping mark. 


   In addition, for some chemical products should also pay attention to take place when, accidentally stained, then to be cleaned. To avoid such as stainless steel table salt, soy sauce bottle, plywood cabinets countertops must be taken to avoid prolonged stay in the water table.


   Artificial stone countertops with black stains appear will, which is characteristic of the material, the artificial stone is not high temperature, intolerance scratches, black artificial stone has been particularly evident, it is best to choose a light-colored artificial stone countertops, dark quartz stone countertop of kitchen cabinet can be considered, which is a high temperature resistance, scratch environmentally friendly products.