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Introduction to the marble disease macular and rusty spot

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Marble is the vast majority of carbonate products, the stone material structure itself contains no metal elements, thus generally internal structure will not cause rust yellow marble, we in real life, however, once the marble yellowing phenomenon, often considered rust stone, used in a variety of all kinds of "marble to rust agent", such as cleaning, but I don't know if the role of these drugs really corresponding, or spend a lot of time to let the hurt of stone material surface was macular, or macular remove finish to end soon and high black dirty, or macula was not done quickly rebounded,...Why to this, the small make up think, marble and granite has essential difference, form the pathological changes of the external cause is the same but have different internal cause, similar stone disease appearance, same source different pathological changes of different.

 The yellow marble formation can be as follows:

1, non-ferrous material pollution, such as fruit juice, beverage, tea, pigment, dyestuff, etc.;

2, alkaline substances be affected with damp be affected with damp pollution, such as straw rope, cartons, wood, etc.;

3, stone has not been fully dry coating protective agent, namely after baking or insolation stone ling but not besmear brushs protective agent, water sealed within the stone and marble of calcium oxide material response and calcification

40. half, marble in damp or wet state, implemented a waxing polishing or crystal surface hardening treatment, water sealed or crystal hard agent react with marble micro "and";

5, marble out of the ore body from natural yellow (primordial yellow, such as Arabescato, etc.).