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Quartz countertops maintenance of nine big taboo

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Often occurs due to the summer temperature is too high, too dry or too much rain, too damp extreme weather phenomena.So not always considered a good season of an outfit.In fact, summer construction as long as pay attention to some important matters, also can avoid the quality problem.

Can be directly or lay for a long time high temperature object in quartz, mesa?

 can't! directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven, hot pot, hot pot or other appliances such as higher temperature may be harmful to the surface of quartz.Please use the pot bearing with rubber feet, or, put another cloth on the table insulat

Quartz countertops for chopping board can be used?

Can't! Please paid when cutting cutting board, although the mesa of quartz, solid and durable, but doing so will not beautiful also leave scratches and blunt knife edge.If accidentally leave scar, can according to the depth of the mark, the 180-400 mesh sandpaper gently wipe the surface, with microfiber cloth processing again.

Why quartz surface should keep dry?

Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, stay time is too long, can make the surface color becomes shallow, affect beautiful.