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Red sandstone

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In some places is also called redstone red, red sandstone are mainly concentrated in the southern provinces and regions, such as institute of jiangxi gannan guozi hill of huping village is a large number of high-quality red sandstone distribution.Widely exist in the basic characteristic of the sandstone in the southern provinces of mudstone, sandy mudstone, argillaceous sandstone, sandstone and shale of sedimentary rock, because contain abundant oxide red, deep red or brown, these rocks are collectively referred to as red sandstone.Red sandstone is mainly granular detrital structure and mud shaped cementation structure of two kinds of typical structure, because of difference of cementing material and the degree of weathering, the intensity is big.

  Jiangxi institute of mining in the early start red sandstone, mainly used in construction.Now not only has a certain application in building, also plays an important role in the decoration.It has moistureproof effect, also has the function to absorb noise, not the kui is the first choice for today's new decorative material.