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Regular professional conservation

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   At home, no matter how careful the stone conservation are inferior to professional stone conservation officers do bit, but there is no set up a stone maintenance and cleaning of professional norms, stone maintenance and cleaning employees professionalism gap great that consumers in the face of stone maintenance company selection, often at a loss, do not know how to determine the trade-offs on the economy and professionalism. It is recommended that consumers try to choose a professional cleaning and maintenance company for routine maintenance and maintenance, regular maintenance and repair of the stone so that the stone can be commonly used, such as new furniture, to maintain color, but also to extend the service life.



  As usual, many marble, granite surface fouling, wear and tear, scratches and color, can be refurbished. It should also be selected when the renovation must be professional refurbished grinding equipment, refurbishment professionals operating in accordance with varieties of stone or marble granite special pad and diamond polishing powder, and in strict accordance diamond mesh number order pad from coarse to fine grinding step by step in order to achieve the desired polishing effect, to achieve stone surface renovation and maintenance.