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Remind you prevention of stone pollution

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   Generally stone pollution prevention is more important than cleaning and routine maintenance of the long-term effect is better than sudden acute cleaning. Through proper design and material selection, careful construction and maintenance to reduce and prevent soil stains. The so-called proper design, namely attention following occurs pollution sandstone products:

    Decoration products for plane processing, foreign sloping wall cap stones, drainage does not require the use of part of the cave walls, water flows into the narrow portion of the structure, the water flows through the concrete, glass and other building materials to flow to the surface and are easy on the sandstone surface sandstone products pollution. Under special circumstances, and should be selected to match the nature of the stone material. For example, when used as wall lining, it must lift the front and lift switch nearby, furniture, etc. for protection. Between incompatible material combinations prone to contamination. For example, automotive fluids sandstone surface leakage. Laying on the deck or ladder to become permeable mortar coal pollution. Seams Errors After the cleaning process is also an important reason.

    The correct approach includes careful attention to transportation, storage, construction and other sectors. The panel is not only wearing thin crisp and easy spotting. Care must be taken mortar, paint, protective layer point stains, rust scaffolding and machinery lubricants and other stubborn stains.

    During the storage period from the end of the construction, the stone must be kept covered with drop cloths or plastic layer stain.

    To fully understand the entire service process may cause internal and external contamination due to contamination or human contact. Must be as isolated sources of pollution, often remove dirt. In contaminated areas, the use of appropriate coatings and building cleaning stains with a cleaning agent. When stone cleaning, should be appropriate to prevent the environment and workers harm or loss caused by the stone itself. For cost reasons, the cleaning should be cost-effective. Therefore, you must be familiar with the following:

    1, cleaning and convenient way to place;

    2, resulting in the loss of the ability to feel when cleaning the stone;

    3, the degree of contamination of the surface;

    4. Does it have to be cleaned.