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Teach you discern ceramic basin is good or bad

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Ceramic basin with high temperature resistance, heat resistance, easy to clean, the advantages of the surface is hard wear-resisting, ageing resistance, is the most popular products all kinds of materials in the basin that wash a face.Choose ceramic basin, important reference index is glazed finish, brightness, and the bibulous rate of pottery and porcelain.
1, bibulous rate is lower, the better
Water absorption index refers to product of pottery and porcelain has certain adsorption to water penetration, bibulous rate is lower in the product, the better.If water is sucked into the ceramic, ceramic will produce certain expansion, easy to make the surface of the ceramic glaze cracks due to inflation.Especially for sit lavatory, bibulous rate is high product, easy to dirt and odor inhaled ceramic in the water, after years of use, can produce unable to remove the peculiar smell.National standard regulations, bibulous rate is lower than 3% of high-grade ceramic sanitary ceramics is.
2, the ceramic basin of the finish
The product with high smoothness, color pure, not easy to hang dirty scale, easy to clean, good self-cleaning.When deciding can choose in the bright light line, from the side glance look carefully on the surface of the product, not tiny sand holes and hemp dot with the surface, or sand holes and hemp dot a few as well;You can also use the hand gently touch, the surface feels very smooth and fine as well.
3, use comparative method to see ceramic basin brightness
High brightness index of product USES the high quality of glaze materials and very good glazing process, good light reflective, uniform, so that the visual effect is good, appear product class is high.When the choice can be put together different brands of products contrast observation, it is easy to judge the quality of products.