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The kitchen cabinet has storage and decorative features

Clicks:    Updated:2016-08-27 09:08:03

   Kitchen cabinet because of its both storage and decorative features, can make the kitchen more clean, more stylish, it is popular with young white-collar workers. However, because not professionals, but a certain lack of real life experience in the purchase of Newstar kitchen cabinet, they are more likely to walk into the following errors.

    Ignore the functional kitchen Too much to consider color and beautiful kitchen, while ignoring the most practical functionality. First time home young friend, the kitchen space is limited, often considered too avant-garde design colors, exaggerated modeling applications.

   We tend to ignore the most important cabinet storage function. So that the cabinet into the house, they found many "unexpected" things have no place to put, for example: a variety of pot, staple food, juicer, small oven. Finally, choose the right cabinet is messy placed completely covered up.

    The solution: the kitchen need to incorporate all kinds of goods, including pots, small appliances, staple food grains, various utensils, knives, and other condiments. If too much to consider beautiful, but a waste of space, there is a lot of inconvenience in future use.