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The taboos about kitchen cabinet

Clicks:    Updated:2016-09-30 16:09:14

  Avoid that the kitchen cabinet and kitchen materials are not waterproof: Kitchen is a place easy to get water and wet, so the ground, worktop materials should be watertight, water seepage, wall, ceiling material should be water-resistant, it can be cleaned with water.


  Avoid flammable material: Fire is essential for energy in the kitchen, so the use of surface decoration kitchen must pay attention to fire safety requirements, especially around the stove should pay more attention retardant properties of the material. Avoid utensils exposed: Kitchen pots and pans, bottles and other items are numerous and complex, if bare outside, easy to stick oil and difficult to clean. Bogey caught more: The kitchen is an easy filth of the place, you should try not to have cracks.


   For example, caught between wall kitchen cabinet, and the ceiling should try to avoid, because the ceiling easily condensed water vapor or oil, countertops and easy to accumulate dirt, cracks between them in the future will become a daily cleaning difficult. Pool below the gap is not easy to pipe cleaning, use sealed door, inside can also use them to put trash or other debris.