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Tips on how to care for Quartz stone countertops

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   Good Material should be relatively simple and easy to clean, quartz stone countertops, under normal circumstances, just use soap and water or detergent to maintain long-lasting beautiful countertops.


   Quartz stone countertops to avoid possible damage, please pay special attention to the following in using:

   (1) Mesa surface is generally not high temperature burns, but the need to avoid direct exposure to high temperatures or long countertop local heating. Do not place hot housewares direct heat on the table, it is recommended to use better insulation pot pad to protect your countertops.

   (2) Do not use a heavy impact or sharp weapon to beat the table, especially in the weak parts of the stove, basin and so on.

   (3) If the table rubber, nail polish, paint, etc. are particularly difficult to remove the sticky substance, if necessary, the tool can be used to gently scrape, scrape when you need good control efforts to avoid injury table.

   (4) in contact with the table non-neutral detergent and chemical dissolving agents should be cleaned with water.

   (5) Long-term exposure to strong sunlight can affect the surface gloss.

   (6) installed by professional installers working on the kitchen countertop is completed, the user may not be unreasonable demolition, reloading and crushes avoid breakage or cracking mesa.

    Kitchen and powder room is to use a relatively high frequency of local, regional, stone countertops is also the most susceptible to contamination and damage, so pay special attention to routine maintenance. This regular stone conservation as important, the only way to the table for a long time remain bright and elegant.